Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ben 10 Cavern Run v1.1.4

v1.1.4 Update:
A unique and fun platform game where you draw your way to victory!

Size: 46 Mb | Android: 1.5 and up

Dr Animo has escaped from prison using an army of giant ants! Draw lines, walls and ramps to guide Ben through Plumber HQ, the Giant Ant Hill and Dr Animo’s secret base and get ready for a final showdown with the Ant King.

Draw platforms to run across gaps, create walls to avoid hazards and line up ramps to perform devastating attacks and defeat enemies on your way to the next level.

Collect power-ups to transform Ben into some of your favourite Omniverse aliens, each with their own special abilities - Shocksquatch, Kickin Hawk, Ball Weevil and Crashhopper.

Features 3 Chapters based on locations seen in the show and over 40 individual rooms giving hours of gameplay.

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